Single sign-on (SSO) is a mechanism that allows you to authenticate users in your systems and subsequently tell Chargely that the user has been authenticated. The user is then allowed to access Chargely without being prompted to enter separate login credentials.

At the core of single sign-on is a security mechanism that allows Chargely to trust the login requests it gets from your systems. Chargely only grants access to the users that have been authenticated by you. Chargely SSO relies on a technology called JSON Web Token (JWT) for securing the exchange of user authentication data.

Read more about JSON Web Token

The SSO authentication process

Chargely’s SSO feature is very flexible and there are many possible authentication flows you could implement. Regardless of the authentication flow, your users will ultimately be logged into Chargely by sending them to a specially generated login link.

Chargely SDK for PHP

Chargely provides an official SDK for PHP that greatly simplifies the implementation of SSO.

Other languages

The actual JWT implementation is straightforward and most modern languages have libraries available. Unfortunately we do not have code samples for other languages at this time. Please get in touch for assistance with your implementation.